Photography provided by Matt Kleinmann

Kinitiative was established as a Non-Profit Organization in May of 2015 under president and native Gambian, Bakary Suso. The goal is to construct sustainable RCH (reproductive child health stations) that function as community centers to provide healthcare training and girls education in rural communities in Gambia, West Africa.


Our Mission

To study people, their patterns, and practices to become the pioneer for sustainable construction in West Africa as well as the leading provider of free healthcare training and girls education in rural communities of The Gambia, West Africa. Sustainable construction means using local natural resources (compressed earth block and bamboo) to construct 60% of the building structure and generating 60% of the power through clean energy sources- wind and solar; thus, significantly reducing the buildings overall carbon footprint and increasing affordability.

Ndimdal na chi fekka lohol borom.
— Charity begins at home


First-rate service in the provision of free healthcare training and girls' education in rural communities in The Gambia is the main focus and cornerstone of Kinitiative. All patients and students will receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities in order to create loyalty. The RCH/community centers will become the foundational pillars in these rural communities for healthcare screening and delivery, girls education, safe youth playground, and community activity- hosting meetings and social gatherings. A hub for the community that is a high functioning multi-purpose space.


  • Construction - sustainable, quality, low-cost trekking stations/community centers.
  • Healthcare - Provider Training and Education, Policy Advocacy, and Medical Equipment Donation.
  • Technology Education for Girls - Computer skill training and education for girls.

The Case For The Gambia

     My name is Bakary Suso, and I am the President and Co-founder of Kinitiative. I was born and raised in the Gambia, West Africa. Growing up in the Gambia, I was one of the lucky ones: my family was not rich, but was among the few that could afford more than the basics.  As a testament to the disparate socioeconomic conditions in the Gambia, I had friends who were very poor and less fortunate. My parents encouraged these friendships, as they were determined to expose me to a wide variety of experiences and ways of living. Their teachings always reminded me to never forget the less fortunate: they were my neighbors, my friends, my kin. After finishing high school, I had the opportunity to come to the United States to further my studies. After living in the States for many years, I have come to an understanding that there are opportunities to address the poverty I experienced through my friends and neighbors in the Gambia.

     I always knew my main goal was to not only give back to my country, but Africa as a whole, and my degree in Architecture allowed me the opportunity to chase that dream. I wanted to do my part to alleviate some of the stress and poverty in my country, and with that birthed the idea for Kinitiative. With the help of Eddy Tavio, who came from a similar background in Venezuela, we formed the organization and set our goals for creating a business model that could address healthcare, education, and architecture in The Gambia. The model was created to address social issues in a way that can be applied to any country dealing with similar infrastructural issues, but we wanted to begin at home in The Gambia. It has been a life long dream for me to help the people of my country, and Kinitiative now has the potential to make that dream a reality.