We are an evolving organization with ever changing goals and motivations to assist in the progression of West Africa's beautiful smiling coast. From the construction of rural nursing (trekking) stations, to the supply of medical supplies and equipment, to the distribution of medical and technological education, we seek to do whatever we can to aid people in need.


Where We've been

In April of 2016, three of our members travelled to Senegal and the Gambia, West Africa in order to observe, build relationships, donate medical equipment, and further advance our healthcare and architectural initiatives.

The primary focus of the trip was to hand over donated medical equipment totaling $350,000 dollars to the Minister of Health of the Gambia in alliance with the country's primary caregiver, Edward Francis Small Hospital.

kinitiative travels to gambia

The video above documents our most recent trip to Gambia where we developed long term relationships, donated medical supplies, observed, researched, and investigated local building materials, techniques, and living/working culture.

The trip gave us an opportunity to further explore local building materials and techniques. We established relationships with local bamboo and compressed earth block builders and shadowed them at current and existing projects to be able to comprehensively approach our architectural vision.


We had the opportunity to meet with the Hospital Director at Victoria Hospital, along with all of the heads of department, the National Environmental Agency of The Gambia, and the Reproductive Child Healthcare Services to set up long term relationships for the development of sustainable trekking stations.




Based on the self-sustaining KIN Commerce and Analysis (See Financing), KINITIATIVE will have sufficient fund year-over-year to do the following:

  • Construct 1 new, fully staffed and equipped community center, estimated at $215,000
  • Collaborate with other NGO in the area of KINITIATIVE's core mission - Sustainable Construction, Healthcare, and Technology Education for girls
  • Provide microloans to entrepreneurs for core rural economic development
    • Agricultural Communities - microloans for fertilizers, seeds, and farming equipment
    • Fishing Communities - microloans for repairs and maintenance, fishing nets, and animal vaccination
    • Cattle Communities - microloans for grazing and feeding, and animal vaccination
  • Provide scholarship program for rural school girls to further their education in urban areas
  • Co-sponsor the Study Abroad Program at The University of Kansas



Current Projects


Dialysis Drive

We are attempting to raise donations for and deliver 10 Dialysis machines for the Edward Francis Small Hospital to provide for a lack of current resources.


Pregnancy Transportation

Pregnant women in rural areas of Gambia, and even those living within close proximity to Banjul and the cities primary hospital have difficulty with transportation during time of labor. Kinitiative is attempting to begin a startup service that facilitates women gaining easy transportation to the hospital to allow them to receive the proper care they need.